Digital protection, automation, measurements, control, registration and communication.

CZIP-PRO is a new generation of the CZIP digital protection relays IED family produced since 1995. Digital protection CZIP-PRO is developed by Relpol engineers in cooperation with Institute of Power Engineering at the Poznan University of Technology (prof. Jozef Lorenc research group).


CZIP-PRO IED is designed to handle protection, automation, measurements, control, registration and communication functions in the power utility substations.


The main feature of the CZIP-PRO  IED is the possibility to adjust its functionality to the substation bay in which it is operating.CZIP-PRO supports all MV switchgear bay types (ATS control is supported by the CZIP-2R PRO).To reduce the amount of time needed for the setting up CZIP-PRO comes with the predefined settings. 



Protection Relay for Medium Voltage switchgear and ATS support

CZIP-PRO is dedicated to operate in the following MV substation bays:

Feeder bay
Feeder bay with power generation
MV side of the 110 kV transformer
Capacitor bay
0.4 kV side of the 110 kV transformer
Grounding transformer in the compensated network
Grounding transformer in the network with the neutral earthing resistor
Grounding transformer in the network with choke/resistor parallel system
Voltage measurement bay
Bus coupler bay
110 kV side of the 110 kV transforem



 CZIP-2R PRO for Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)  

CZIP-2R PRO is dedicated for automatic trasfter switch function in the medium voltage power utility substations. Both, the power reserve and spinning reserve systems are supported.



Solid-state undervoltage

Solid-state overvoltage

Residual voltage control

Voltage difference control

Permanent ATS blockade

Temporary ATS blockade 



Support of all MV switchgear types - CZIP-PRO


Predefined settings

LCD TFT screen with the touch user interface

Graphical presentation box with the mapping of connectors

28 bistable digital inputs (17-32V | 88-253V)

20 relay outputs (18 x 5A, 2 x 8A)

8 metering inputs (I x 4, U x 4 or U x 8 in CZIP-2R PRO)

14 two-color, programmable LEDs with the description on the screen

OPEN and CLOSE buttons for the main switch control

2-bit status monitoring of all connectors

Remote control of connectors



Reliable and easy to use operating system 


CZIP-PRO operating system is build on the dedicated Microsoft Windows® CE Embedded system.


The use of the Microsoft Windows® CE Embedded system allowed us to design an attractive and easy to operate graphical user interface.

Big screen with GUI


7" LCD screen allows for the access to all settings and parameters readout in a clear and intuitive way. The device functions are logicaly grouped to simplify operations.


Configuration of all parameters is possible directly on the CZIP-PRO screen.

Modern design has been combined with a durable cast metal housing, to ensure safety. Thanks to the screw connection terminals installation of the unit has been significantly simplified.


Communication interfaces:


2 x RS-485

Ethernet 10/100 Base-TX

Fiber Optics (option)


Communication protocols:


IEC 61850



Modbus® ASCII / RTU


Quality confirmed by the independent tests


CZIP-PRO has undergone the number of specialized tests in the independent laboratories that confirm the product highest quality.


Conducted tests:


Mechanical Exposure

Climate Exposure


Protection Relay IED CZIP-PRO contains what is most important to the power protecting apparatus. The device has been implemented with proven algorithms and reliable protection criteria, including ground fault protection algorithms developed at the Institute of Power Engineering at the Poznan University of Technology (prof. Jozef Lorenc research group).  





Software supplied with CZIP-PRO protection relay is a powerful engineering tool that helps the user to set up all the available parameters. CZIP-Set also allows the user to read the current configuration data, measurements and records of all events. The software also includes package that allows the user to read and conduct a comprehensive analysis of the sample data stored in the disturbance recorder. CZIP-PRO communicates with a PC through the RS485 serial ports, USB or Ethernet.

Software update


Download the newest version of the CZIP-Set software:





Use of the CZIP-PRO IED is a simple and intuitive opperation and can be safely performed by any protection specialist. Each CZIP-PRO system comes with three different instruction manuals. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.


In-person training


To better ensure the safety and confort of use, we would like to invite distributors to our office in Zielona Gora. Our engineers will conduct a hands on training that will outline all details of our system. 


Location: Zielona Góra, Poland

Online training


We are able to hold training sessions over the internet. All you will need is a computer and access to the Internet.

Working hours: CET 7.00 A.M. - 3.00 P.M.
Software: Skype




Hannover Messe

Come and visit us at the Hannover Messe 2014 in Germany. We are goinig to present CZIP-PRO at the booth.

You will find us in Hall 12 at booth C35


CZIP-PRO at WIN Fairs Istanbul 2014





CZIP-PRO awarded the MTP Gold Medal








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